CHINA RAILWAY(CR) - Yuxi-Mohan railway - Section 20 (YMZQ-20) project - Details on ZAWYA MENA Edition
added on: 11 June 2019

CHINA RAILWAY(CR) - Yuxi-Mohan railway - Section 20 (YMZQ-20) project

Also known as: CHINA RAILWAY(CR) - Yumo railway - Section 20 (YMZQ-20) project


South Yunnan Railway Co., Ltd.' is working on the development of Yuxi-Mohan railway also as Yumo railway project in fromYuxi to Mohan ( the border between China and Laos), Yunnan Province, China. The project is connected to the Trans-Asian railway project. The Section 20 (YMZQ-20) project is a package project of Yumo railway master project and the construction contractor is 'China railway 15 bureau group Co.,Ltd.'. The Section 20 (YMZQ-20) project includes several contracts and packages: Project locates in Mengla County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, China. It contains D1K435+380-D1K472+387.4), reaching a length of 36.957 km, including the capacity of: (1) roadbed (2.445 km), (2) 13 bridges (4.413 km), (3) 8 culverts (188.2 m), (4) 6.5 tunnels (30.089 km), (5) 3 railway stations. The priority project of it is the construction of 'Mengla tunnel'. The Yumo railway project is designed to "provide efficient, safe, low-carbon, affordable, railway transport" within Yunnan Province. The object of it is to build a connecting line of China to Laos, myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.It's construction plays an important role in promoting the development of china-asean free trade area and enhancing the construction of infrastructure of west in China. It is a really important project for western region development strategies of China and OBOR initiative. Once connected to the railway to be built in Laos, the Yumo railway would become part of the Trans-Asian railway and carry traffic across the Greater Mekong Subregion.
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