Chia Tai Livestock Million Pigs Industry Chain Project - Details on ZAWYA MENA Edition
added on: 15 March 2019

Chia Tai Livestock Million Pigs Industry Chain Project

Also known as: Chia Tai Livestock Industrial Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Project


Chia Tai Livestock (Datong) Co Ltd planned to develop Chia Tai Livestock Million Pigs Industry Chain Project, in Yanggao, Datong, Shanxi, China. China Construction First Group Construction & Development Co Ltd was contractor of the project. The project covered the construction of a industry chain including: annual 1 million pig breeding, annual processing of 360,000 tons of feed mills, annual slaughter of 1 million slaughter plants, annual processing of 100,000 tons of food deep processing plants and 300,000 mu of modern organic planting. The project would form a compound income model that combines asset income, cash income, land transfer income and entrepreneurial income of poor households, so that they can change from a proletarian to a proletarian to achieve poverty alleviation. The implementation of the project would also achieve a political, social, industrial and commercial value, and promote the transformation and upgrading of regional agriculture and animal husbandry. Upon completion, the project would realize annual sales of CNY 6 billion and annual tax revenue of CNY 400 million, which would drive 30,000 farmers to completely get rid of poverty.
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