Haerbin Comprehensive Bonded Zone Phase 1 - Details on ZAWYA MENA Edition
added on: 11 February 2019

Haerbin Comprehensive Bonded Zone Phase 1



Harbin Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee plans to develop the 'Haerbin Comprehensive Bonded Zone' in Heilongjiang, China. The consultants of the project include The Architectural Design and Research Institute of HIT, Beijing Institute of Residential Building Design&Research Co., Ltd., etc. The contractors of the project include Hunan Qintian Construction Group Co Ltd., Harbin Hongxiang Construction Project Management Co., Ltd., etc. The project is located in the eastern of Xiangfang district, Haerbin city, Heilongjiang province. Its planned area is 1.35 square kilometers in the starting area and 1.13 square kilometer in the fence area. There are 6 new roads in the district with a total length of 8.4 kilometers, forming a road network of “two horizontal, three vertical and one ring”, stretching the overall framework of the park; water supply, drainage, electricity, communication, heating, gas and other pipelines are also fully equipped. It can provide the basic facilities for “seven connections and one leveling” for enterprises entering the zone. The project aims to form interactions with Haerbin Inland Port and Railway Container Center, promote the the convenient and smooth flow of Haerbin international logistics channel.
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Free Zones/Economic Zones
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