25 March, 2014

Sector Experts to Share Insights at Inaugural Early Childhood Education Forum in Jeddah

Jeddah-Saudi Arabia: 25 March, 2014 The Early Childhood Education Forum, an event organized by Stellar Group to raise awareness on the role of quality education in the formative years of a child, will bring together international experts in early childhood education to exchange best practices with practitioners in Saudi Arabia.

Key Speakers to Include Dr Maisara Kayed Taher, Wafaa Mohammad Taiba and Laila Mohammad Taibah
Jeddah-Saudi Arabia: 25 March, 2014

The Early Childhood Education Forum, an event organized by Stellar Group to raise awareness on the role of quality education in the formative years of a child, will bring together international experts in early childhood education to exchange best practices with practitioners in Saudi Arabia.

Held under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, the event will run from March 26 - 27 at the Jeddah Hilton.

Speakers headlining 20 workshops and 20 panel discussions will include Dr Maisara Kayed Taher, Professor of Mental Health and Psychotherapy, Bait Al Mashoura; Samia Kazi, Chief Operating Officer for Arabian Child; Wafaa Mohammad Taiba, Member of Shoura Council and Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology, King Saud University; Laila Mohammad Taibah, Educational Consultant, Bright Minds School; Charles Joseph Hynes, Professor and Clinical Supervisor, MGH Institute of Health Profession, and Diane Triser Dodge, Founder and President Emerita, Teaching Strategies, LLC. 

Huda Alamoudi, Founder and CEO, Stellar Group said; "The Early Childhood Education Forum will aim to draw out the rich perspectives of experts on early childhood education as part of our priority to reverse low enrollment rates in Saudi Arabia among the 0-5 age group, which currently stand at a modest 12 percent. The specialists will also highlight techniques for parents and educators to support the development of their children. This drive is important if we wish the children of our region to excel among their peers at the global level, which is highly competitive."

With a first class honors and doctorate in psychology from Al Imam Mohammad bin Saud University Saudi Arabia, Dr Maisara Kayed Taher holds more than 48 years of experience in academic teaching, consultation and administration. He is the recipient of 215 awards and certifications for his contribution to the education landscape in Saudi Arabia. During his participation at the Early Education Forum, he will present a lecture on the 'Importance of educating children to understand their responsibility'.

The chief operating officer for Arabian Child, Samia Kazi specializes in Early Childhood Policy and Leadership. She is also the Founder of Arabian Association for Early Childhood Education, which is the first professional membership organization in the Middle East to bring together parents, teachers, policy makers, and child advocates to work together in the UAE. Kazi has been appointed by the World Forum Foundation to be a Global Leader for Young Children in the Arab Region. Additionally, she is actively involved in projects related to creating awareness about the significance of early learning in the region. At the event she will share her experience in developing the early learning sector of the UAE.

Wafa Mahmoud Taibah will speak on 'Detecting the Patterns of Emotional Abuse affecting Child at the Elementary Level'. Wafa Mahmoud Taibah has been an active member of the Shoura Council since January 2013 and is one of the first 30 ladies to be appointed to the Council. A PhD in educational psychology and cognition, she has authored several books and papers on the subject of early childhood education.

Educational consultant for Bright Minds School, Laila Taibah will share her expertise on the essential skills required for supervision. An alumnus of King Saud University in sociology, she also holds a professional diploma in training leadership.

Dr Charles W Haynes will highlight the 'Importance of using the mother tongue while communicating with children'. Haynes holds an EdD in reading language and learning disabilities from Harvard University, as well as a Master's in communication disorders from the San Francisco State University and a bachelor's degree in English and American literature and language from Harvard University. Currently, he is a Professor and Clinical Supervisor at the MGH Institute of Health Professions and teaches courses in spoken and written language disorders; and in language, culture and cognition.

Founder and President Emerita, Teaching Strategies, LLC, Diane Trister Dodge will share 'the Best Practices in Early Learning' at the early education learning forum. She is an early childhood education specialist with over 45 years of experience in preparing writing curriculum and training materials that are used nationwide and internationally for programs serving children from birth through age eight. She is also a sought-after guest speaker at conferences for teachers, trainers, and administrators throughout the US and abroad.

Stellar Group was founded to catalyze youth development and foster women empowerment in the MENA region, especially in Saudi Arabia. Through a wide range of programs and projects, Stellar Group facilitates quality deal flow, encourages investor collaboration and builds synergy among local and international service providers. Regional exhibitions and activities include a venture fair, networking events, and educational forums that collectively aim to create a positive environment for the sustainable development of the Stellar Group and other businesses and institutes in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region.


About the Early Childhood Education Forum
The Early Childhood Education Forum seeks to raise awareness on the role that quality education plays in the formative years of a child. Conceptualized as a platform for the exchange of best practices among educators, practitioners, parents and stakeholders, the platform seeks to increase primary school enrolment rates in the Arab world, particularly Saudi Arabia.

To be held under the patronage of the Ministry of Education at the Jeddah Hilton from March 26 - 27, the inaugural edition has been designed to include 20 workshops that equip participants with the skills required for supporting the needs of children from early childhood through to school. The agenda also includes 20 expert-led panel discussions that are anticipated to both motivate and challenge conventional thinking on educational best practices. A dedicated exhibition showcasing latest resources and tools in early learning will serve as a highlight of the two-day event.

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