Persontyle Oman in partnership with School of Data Science and Engineering UK to hold Artificial Intelligence Certification Program in Oman

The mission of the AI certification program is to equip local talent with the world-class practical skills.

Persontyle Oman in partnership with School of Data Science and Engineering UK to hold Artificial Intelligence Certification Program in Oman

Muscat, Oman - Persontyle Oman in partnership with School of Data Science and Engineering UK, announced that they are holding an Artificial Intelligence (AI) certification program from April 18-19, 2018 at the City Seasons Muscat. The 2-day certification program will help business and technology leaders in Oman to practically learn how to use AI and emerging technologies for innovation and digital transformation.

The mission of the AI certification program is to equip local talent with the world-class practical skills to unlock the potential of AI technologies and to empower Oman on its digital transformation journey as outlined in Oman Vision 2020 and Oman Digital Strategy (e.Oman).

“The impacts of artificial intelligence can already be seen in our homes, across businesses and impacting our social fabric. Many businesses are using AI and machine learning to make predictions, improve performance and for reducing costs. We can already see how AI gives rise to new enterprise applications, from self-driving cars to intelligent assistants on our smartphones. As a new breed of enterprise platform that can learn without being explicitly programmed, AI can access, analyse, and find patterns in big data in a way that is beyond human capabilities. The business advantages are huge, and the market is expected to be worth $47 billion by 2020.” says Mr. Ahmed Kashoob, Founder of Center for Studies and Economic Research (CSER) Oman and Chairman of Persontyle Oman.

The certification program will provide an overview of AI, the current state of this technology and practical recommendations for how to make the best use of the transformation opportunities it can bring. The course focuses on use cases, applications for business and technology, and highlights the most important shifts required in leadership mindset.

This 2-day certificate program is designed by School of Data Science and Engineering, UK and based on the skills framework and curriculum of European Data Science Academy for business leaders and professionals to jump-start their Enterprise AI strategy to grow and compete using big data, IoT, and deep machine learning.

“We are excited to design and conduct our first Certified AI Business Professional program in Muscat, Oman to help business decision makers and leaders to understand the significance of AI and machine learning for enterprise transformation. The course will help participants become aware of recent advances in enterprise intelligence, understand the basic concepts involved and most importantly how problems could be solved with artificial intelligence and machine learning” Ali Syed, Founder and Chief Scientist of Persontyle Group, added.

The AI certification programme will cover the following topic:

Day 1

  • Opportunities & Challenges of Connected AI-Driven World
  • What Is Big Data, Data Science, IoT and AI? - Hype Versus Reality
  • Trends in Big Data, IoT and AI - Investments, Development Areas, The Overview of The AI Market
  • Enterprise AI Architecture, Big Data Platforms & Tools
  • Business Use Cases, Strategy and Best Practices
  • Maturity Model of a Data-Driven AI Enterprise

Day 2

  • Machine Learning Essentials and Use Cases
  • Machine Learning Workflow, Methods, Tools, Algorithms and Best Practices
  • Building A Data Driven Organisation and Identifying A First AI Project
  • Capstone Project: Strategize and Plan A AI Based Industry Project

      • Discuss and Learn as a Team to Implement a Real-World Solution Using AI
      • Breakout into Groups and Work to Develop Your Industry Business Case
      • Final Presentation of AI Business Case (10 Minutes Per Group)

  • Closing Remarks, Feedback, and Wrap-Up

Instructors delivering the program:

Ali Syed

As a global Enterprise AI thought leader and founder of Persontyle, Ali is collaborating with leading researchers, designers, makers, doers, and business leaders of world. He has more than 18 years of professional experience and success assisting public and commercial organizations in using emerging technologies and data intelligence as a value amplifier. He works with people to understand and translate their aspirations into intelligent strategies, programs and solutions that enhance their ability to make choices, better decisions, realize performance gains and uncover opportunities. Before founding Persontyle, Ali worked with some of the leading Fortune 500 technology and industry companies and have experience of working for top consulting organizations of the world namely PwC, KPMG BearingPoint, Sapient, EMC, and Capgemini.

Victoria Zagorsky

Victoria is CIO of Persontyle Group and Managing Director at Digital Sustainability Middle East Foundation. Her key area of focus is to help organizations effectively leverage the power of innovative technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to create game-changing outcomes. She applies Design Thinking as a framework for pursuing innovation and adding value to clients. During 12 years of her professional experience, she had an opportunity to work at the leading multinational organizations such as Citibank and Nielsen. She is the frequent speaker at international conferences and contributes regularly to industry publications. Victoria earned an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and BBA in Marketing (with honors) from the American University in Dubai.

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