Senior Abu Dhabi health officials take second shot of COVID-19 inactivated vaccine

Chairman of Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, and the Department’s Acting Undersecretary had been the first two volunteers to receive shots


ABU DHABI- Abu Dhabi’s most senior health officials, who were the very first volunteers, have now received the second shot of the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine as the 4Humanity Phase III clinical trials build momentum in the UAE.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Chairman of Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, and the Department’s Acting Undersecretary, Dr. Jamal Al Kaabi, had been the first two volunteers to receive shots in the trials that officially commenced on 16th July. Both officials have displayed no side effects and have demonstrated strong antibody and robust immune responses to the trials to date following expert medical supervision.

The interim reports for the two officials, which adheres to strict monitoring protocols, including face-to-face medical examinations by Day 3 and Day 8 after the first shot, and a telephone follow-up by Day 7 and again on Day 14, have revealed that both the inaugural volunteers have responded very positively to date.

Commenting on taking the second shot and its significance to the trials, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed said, "After having the first dose of the vaccine, we felt no side effects at all. We are now having the second dose of the vaccine. What’s great about this is that anyone who gets the vaccine will be free to move around the country without the need for a PCR test." He added, "In order to conclude the scientific research phase, and to progress to taking the vaccine to market, we need around 15,000 volunteers." Dr. Al Kaabi said, "To those who are participating in this trial study, we say: there is no need to worry at all.

You are part of this trial. If the vaccine proves to be successful and approved for use, you will be one of the first people to get vaccinated." "The field centre at ADNEC is the largest of its kind in the Middle East in terms of a third phase clinical trial," he added.

The trials are enhancing medical research and development capabilities here in Abu Dhabi, including the local capacity to manufacture the vaccine. The process is being conducted following the international guidelines stipulated by the World Health Organization, WHO, and the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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