Thomson Reuters-RFI Responsible Finance Report 2015

The Thomson Reuters – Responsible Finance Institute (RFI) “Responsible Finance Report” provides an overview of similarities between all sectors within responsible finance (including Islamic finance) and outlines the need to develop and implement regulatory changes and standards that will enhance the availability and growth potential of all sectors of responsible finance. The report was launched at the inaugural Global Ethical Forum in Edinburgh — September 2015.

What is in the Report?

  • Summary of regulatory impediments to the development of responsible finance globally
  • Identification of a starting point for greater convergence between responsible finance sectors including SRI, ESG and Islamic finance
  • Quantitative model for asset management opportunity from mutual funds for a ‘prudent ESG’ approach that incorporates Islamic finance and ESG
  • Overview of the history of responsible finance within faith traditions and broadening to include a wider set of environmental, social and governance concerns
  • Analysis of how responsible investing is correcting perception that responsibility and financial performance are mutually exclusive

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