Thomson Reuters Global Islamic Asset Management Outlook 2015 – Unlocking Potential

This report is designed to capture both the outlook and appetite for global Islamic asset management and the specific characteristics that are appealing to the financial market based on primarily empirical data from investors and asset managers. The report also provides a thorough analysis on the performance of global Islamic asset management industry as a whole, and then segregated by fund asset classes.

Provides a global economic and perception and outlook across different countries and sectors

Interviews with key market players, and industry stakeholders expressing their views about current challenges and potential opportunities

Thorough analysis on areas such as SRI, pension funds, Passporting, and Wealth Management

What is in the Report?

  • Thought leadership commentary from different key market players addressing the challenges and opportunities
  • Projection of growth for the supply and demand of global Islamic asset management through a module to measure the gap
  • Cumulative performance of the global Islamic asset management across different asset classes such as sukuk, Islamic equities, money market
  • Rich survey findings and comparative statistics about global Islamic asset management

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