Islamic Social Finance Report 2014

The Islamic Social Finance Report 2014 is a thorough analysis of the current state of three institutions of Islamic philanthropy: zakah, sadaqah and awqaf, in seven countries of South and Southeast Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. The report is written by the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI), an affiliate of the Islamic Development Bank Group, with research led by prominent economist Dr Mohammed Obaidullah.

Study of regulatory and policy framework and supporting infrastructure of Islamic social finance at the macro and micro levels

Case studies of success stories and best practices of Islamic social finance institutions and initiatives

Solutions on enhancing transparency, accountability and governance of the Islamic social finance sector

What is in the Report?

  • Overview of Zakah, Awqaf, Islamic financial cooperatives and non-profit organisations
  • Measure of the potential of Islamic social finance
  • Analysis of data collected from primary and secondary sources, including field research and focus group sessions
  • Lessons and policy implications

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