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Top Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
iShares MSCI UAE ETFEquity12.980 USD11.196%31 Jan 2021
VanEck Vectors Egypt Index ETFEquity27.216 USD6.329%31 Jan 2021
Kenanga SyariahEXTRAMixed Assets0.416 MYR5.873%31 Jan 2021
Allied Asset Advisors Iman FundEquity17.070 USD2.604%31 Jan 2021
Amana Developing World Fund;InvestorEquity13.750 USD1.862%31 Jan 2021
iShares MSCI Qatar ETFEquity18.590 USD1.737%31 Jan 2021
Amana Income Fund;InvestorEquity57.990 USD0.035%31 Jan 2021

Bottom Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
Amana Growth Fund;InvestorEquity58.540 USD-0.569%31 Jan 2021
Azzad Ethical FundEquity19.520 USD-0.055%31 Jan 2021
Azzad Wise Capital FundBond10.940 USD-0.021%31 Jan 2021

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