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Top Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
Osool & Bakheet Parallel Market Trading EquityEquity1.204 SAR37.490%31 Mar 2019
BNI-AM Dana Saham Syariah MusahamahEquity1377.860 IDR20.651%31 Mar 2019
HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index WD GBPEquity10.400 GBP19.412%30 Sep 2016
Danareksa Syariah SahamEquity1112.798 IDR18.657%31 Mar 2019
Allied Asset Advisors Iman FundEquity13.170 USD18.397%31 Mar 2019
Azzad Ethical FundEquity14.560 USD18.234%31 Mar 2019
MEFIC REITReal Estate9.230 SAR17.791%31 Mar 2019
WSF Global Equity USD IEquity23.792 USD17.697%31 Mar 2019
Amana Growth Fund;InvestorEquity41.760 USD17.457%31 Mar 2019
Pacific Saham Syariah IIIEquity1082.315 IDR17.359%31 Mar 2019

Bottom Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
Reliance Saham SyariahEquity66.805 IDR-92.846%31 Mar 2019
Aurora Sharia EquityEquity790.889 IDR-21.064%31 Mar 2019
OSO Syariah EquityEquity275.072 IDR-20.346%31 Mar 2019
Pool Advista Kapital SyariahEquity739.400 IDR-19.621%31 Mar 2019
Treasure Saham Berkah SyariahEquity738.640 IDR-18.645%31 Mar 2019
Dana GemilangEquity1.598 MYR-17.844%31 Dec 2018
Pan ARCADIA Dana Saham SyariahEquity644.981 IDR-16.664%31 Mar 2019
FMG Iraq B USDAlternatives3.910 USD-16.094%31 Mar 2019
MNC Dana Syariah Ekuitas IIEquity771.709 IDR-16.000%31 Mar 2019
Maybank Dana Ekuitas SyariahEquity651.862 IDR-14.304%31 Mar 2019

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