The agreement was signed by Executive Vice President, Engineering and Projects, Eng. Khalid Bin Saad Al-Rashed and officials of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc, Nissan Motor Company and Tecaoca Coco Energy Solutions Company. Following the signing of the agreement, Al-Rashed said that the project is an important step to transfer modern technologies and use the electric energy in general and electric car technologies in particular.

The upcoming period, he added, will witness additional efforts to assess utilization of such promising experiments.

Al-Rashed added that the agreement also includes implementation of a project to develop a fast electric charger to charge vehicles in half an hour. Also, Nissan Co. will lend SEC 3 electric cars and Tecaoca Coco Company will provide the company with 3 fast chargers, highlighting the international trend to expand usage of such cars. The international companies are exerting great efforts for future utilization of electric cars at the expense of the traditional cars.