Four European gas buyers have paid for supplies in roubles following Russian President Vladimir Putin's demand, Bloomberg News reported, citing a person close to Russia's energy company Gazprom PJSC.

Were other buyers to reject the Kremlin's terms, more cut-offs after Gazprom halted gas flows to Poland and Bulgaria are unlikely until the second half of May when the next payments are due, the person told Bloomberg.

Russia halted the gas supplies to the two countries on Wednesday for rejecting its demand to pay in roubles, taking direct aim at European economies in its toughest retaliation so far against international sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

Ten European companies have already opened the accounts at Gazprombank needed to meet Russia's payment demands, according to the Bloomberg report

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said there is no signal that Russia will stop delivering gas to Germany, the biggest buyer of Russian gas.

No other European country has reported Russian gas cuts.

(Reporting by Seher Dareen in Bengaluru; Editing by Emelia Sithole-Matarise)