There has been a 30 per cent drop in crime in Bahrain over the past four years, further reinforcing the importance of community ties, said a top minister.

Interior Minister General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa yesterday reaffirmed that the government’s remarkable approach has reinforced hope among citizens.

He said that the royal reform project was a source of national confidence, during a community meeting with Bahrain’s ‘majlises’ representatives at the Officer’s Club in Gudaibiya.

“The reduction in the overall crime rate by 30pc over the past four years and strengthening community partnership made security the responsibility of everyone,” said Gen Shaikh Rashid.

He attributed the decline to His Majesty King Hamad’s reforms that includes the alternative penalties and the open prisons, two programmes launched by the ministry, have contributed to the positive development.

“Bahrain Police derives its security missions from the values and culture of Bahraini society and its active role in establishing the principles of security and peace.

“We will witness in the coming days a constitutional occasion represented by the national elections as participation is a genuine expression of national responsibility.

“Bahraini democracy is distinguished by its sincere performance, wisdom and responsible positive approach based on the genuine Bahraini identity.”

Meanwhile, according to the ministry’s verdicts implementation and alternative penalties director General Shaikh Khalid bin Rashid Al Khalifa alternative sentencing has reduced recidivism 33.3pc this year.

The rate of violation in implementing alternative sanctions plummeted by 71.3pc last year, while the number of inmates who benefited from the procedure stood at 4,413.

Shaikh Khalid stressed the importance of the open prisons programme which involves three main interrelated stages-evaluation, rehabilitation, and integration.

Gen Shaikh Rashid reaffirmed the importance of collaborative efforts with the community to provide security and protection during the upcoming elections.

He also highlighted that spreading calmness among citizens will enable them to carry out their national duties fully.

“The strong co-operation and constructive partnership between the legislative and executive authorities contributed to security and stability,” added the minister.

“My gratitude and appreciation for the sincere security efforts to achieve stability and security along with the co-operation of citizens with police personnel to protect security.”


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