LONDON- Britain on Wednesday published new Russia-related sanctions legislation which included a ban on providing technical assistance for ships and planes that would benefit a person who has been sanctioned.

The government is acting in concert with Western allies to try to cripple the Russian economy as punishment for Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. It has targeted Russia's access to the international financial system, key industries like shipping and defence, and wealthy elites close to President Vladimir Putin.

An explanatory note accompanying the legal text published on a government website said:

"The Regulations prohibit the provision to, or for the benefit of, a designated person of technical assistance relating to aircraft and ships. This includes a power to designate persons for the purposes of that sanctions measure."

The legislation was due to come into force at 1700 UK time (1600 GMT), the document said.

(Reporting by William James and Kylie MacLellan. Editing by Andrew MacAskill)