As we calmly focus on our spiritual and physical wellbeing this Ramadan, we should also reflect on our impact on the planet. Climate change and environmental crisis are a growing concern, putting many a victim into a state of hunger. Excessive intake of red meat and dairy has not only added to greenhouse emissions through animal farms, but also increased the risk of colon cancer and chronic inflammation in our body.

Let us have a blessed and eco-friendly Ramadan by:

>> Having a 70 per cent plant based meal

>> Pre-planning meals to avoid food wastage

>> Buying fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables

>> Using precious resources such as water consciously

Plant-based Iftar:

>> End your fast with 2-3 dates and 300-700ml plain water

>> Rehydrate: Strawberry lemon mint juice (one can use carbonated water or sparkling water for the fizz) or 1 cup of mango and mixed berries

>> Warm Starter: 1 cup of cream of spinach soup or tofu molokhia

>> Appetiser: Air-fried vegetable spring roll or vegetable momos with salsa

>> Main course: Fasolia (kidney bean stew) with brown rice flavoured with cinnamon and pine nuts

>> Garden salad with 1 tsp olive oil or vinaigrette

>> Dessert: ½ cup Umm Ali (using almond / coconut milk for the base) + peppermint tea

>> Slowly sip 700ml to 1,000ml to complete hydration requirements for the day.

Juliot Vinolia is a clinical dietitian at Medeor Hospital Dubai

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Juliot Vinolia