People of all ages are walking their way to fitness this Ramadan by participating in a unique challenge launched in Bahrain to help them take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Walking Challenge 2022, an initiative designed by Bahrain Diabetes Society (BDS), has already attracted around 100 participants, including eight children.

By subscribing to the online platform, the first-of-its-kind initiative in Bahrain encourages people to walk for half-an-hour every day, five days a week, for three months.

“The goal of the walk is to achieve the 90/21 rule – we need 21 days of daily walking practice to create a walking habit among people, and we need 90 days of daily walking to have a healthy routine and lifestyle,” BDS member and walking challenge head Dr Kawther Al Eid told the GDN.

“The goal is to establish a daily exercise routine in order to maintain weight and prevent disease.”

Dr Al Eid, a Bahraini family physician reported that men, women and children had registered for the walk online. They must walk 10,000 steps daily and send evidence via counting applications on smartphones, until the end of the challenge.

Subsequently organisers will contact the participants for specifics related to the contest. People can walk outside or on a treadmill. Others can cycle outside or use a stationary indoor machine.

“We have completed the registrations and now we are following up on the documentation,” Dr Al Eid. “Prizes will be drawn at the end of the competition by lottery, for those who fulfil the conditions of the walking challenge, which is five-days-a-week, 10,000 steps per day until the end of the competition.

Dr Al Eid

“The conditions for the image proving your daily steps are that it must be a copy of the step counting app on a smartphone, and it must be certified with the date and day.

“The target is to achieve 10,000 steps by walking alone, or accompanied by another person, in the house, the club or the walkway, until they complete 10,000 steps daily for five-days-a-week.”

BDS also organises a community walk, once every week. Around 30 people registered within two weeks on the initiative and have walked for 30 minutes as a group over the last three Saturdays at various tracks in the country.

The challenge was inaugurated by Supreme Council for Health chairman and BDS president Lieutenant General Dr Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, who also took part in the first community walk staged at the Isa town jogging track. It will continue during the holy month, as part of the society’s aim to continue promoting healthy habits in the community, added BDS scientific committee chairwoman Dr Dalal Alromaihi.

Dr Alromaihi

Many people who fast during Ramadan end up gaining weight. This is mainly due to irregular eating patterns and heavy meals as soon as families gather as darkness descends.

“The group walking challenge is one of the latest initiatives of BDS and one of the interesting aspects of it, besides the personal target of 10,000 steps daily, is the group walk, every Saturday for half an hour, at one of the walking tracks. During the holy month we hope to meet up after Iftar.”

More details on the challenge are available on BDS Instagram

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