Makkah: The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Holy Mosque, represented by the Creative Culture Administration, launched the Ramadan Banquet Program that is concerned with enriching the culture of visitors of the Grand Holy Mosque through hosting several sheikhs (scholars) before the time of iftar (breaking-fast).

Undersecretary of the administration Hassan Al-Thibiti said that this program is held daily and is part of the "Enrich your culture in Al-Haram" initiative, which aims at reminding visitors with Allah before getting them acquainted with the landmarks of the Grand Holy Mosque.

He also said that these meetings contribute to delivering the cultural message of visitors to glorify this holy mosque and what it enjoys of prominent characteristics, such as the Holy Kaabah, Station of Ibrahim, and Stone of Ismail, in addition to Zamzam water.