Dubai: The Dubai Government Human Resources Department(DGHR) announced the official working hours for the blessed month of Ramadan for the year 1443 Hijri, according to the new weekly work system that was implemented at the beginning of this year, so that the official working hours in the bodies, departments and institutions in the Emirate of Dubai, in the holy month of Ramadan, from nine in the morning Until two thirty in the afternoon, from Monday to Thursday, and from nine in the morning to twelve in the afternoon, on Fridays of every week, throughout the holy month.

In a circular on this occasion, (DGHR) said that government agencies should specify working hours for employees who work on shifts or whose jobs are related to serving the public or managing public service facilities, in a manner that is commensurate with the operational requirements of each entity, and in a manner that ensures the proper functioning of public service facilities.

In order to find a balance that contributes to achieving the public interest and enhancing social and family cohesion between employees and their families, the Dubai Government’s Human Resources Department has allowed government agencies in Dubai to implement flexible working and remote working systems, during the holy month of Ramadan, in line with the decisions regulating flexible work and the system Working remotely, in the Dubai government, in a way that ensures the continuity of service provision and the smooth running of work,