Muscat, Oman: At the 31st edition of COMEX in Oman, Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices officially launched its innovative cloud services in Oman. The company also highlighted how HUAWEI CLOUD can accelerate digital transformation in the public and finance sectors through ‘Everything as a Service’ model, which can minimize operational expenditure, increase efficiency, and further accelerate the construction of agile capability systems.

Frank Dai, President, HUAWEI CLOUD Middle East, said in his keynote speech, "Huawei believes that cloud transformation is inevitable. It is the future of ICT and the foundation of digital transformation. Huawei adheres to an ‘Everything as a Service’ model and provides multiple types of cloud to meet customer requirements across various sectors.”

“Huawei is committed to working with partners and customers in Oman to accelerate digital transformation across industries,” he added.  

COMEX is Oman’s leading technology show showcasing the government’s innovation in technology geared up to meet Oman Vision 2040 goals. It is an open platform for ministries, government entities, and organizations to participate and showcase their achievements, as well as the opportunities for technology innovation and their steps towards reaching Oman’s vision.

Oman has seen steady growth in ICT investment and development of infrastructure, individuals, and systems. Oman Vision 2040 has a special mandate to develop the country’s technology and communication capabilities, and fuel digital transformation, with a focus on oil & gas, transportation, logistics, investments in ICT, education, healthcare, banking, finance, tourism, retail, and manufacturing, which are all major industries and sectors listed in the national strategy for development.

HUAWEI CLOUD has emerged as an essential platform for internet companies and organizations to go digital. Five years into its development, HUAWEI CLOUD has attracted 2.6 million developers, 28,000 consulting partners, 9,000 technical partners, and released 6,100 Marketplace products. In the Middle East, HUAWEI CLOUD offers more than 220 cloud services, 210 solutions, 19 data centers, over 200 local partners, and a growing list of more than 80 marketplace offerings.

Looking ahead, HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to expand the global data center and network layout and is committed to providing customers, partners, and developers with one global network with a reliable experience.


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