Jeddah: As the health risks increase globally, health awareness campaigns aiming to confront these risks increase in importance. They play a crucial role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, improving the quality of life for individuals and society, and reducing the spread of diseases.

A pioneer in healthcare and highly effective public health campaigns, Bupa Arabia for cooperative insurance launches its one-of-a-kind “Live Right” event on July 21-22, in Laylaty Hall, Jeddah. The event aims to promote a healthy lifestyle inline with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 of improving the quality of life for all members of society and enabling them to lead healthy lives.

Ali M. Sheneamer, Chief Business Development Officer at Bupa Arabia, stated that this is the first in a series of events that will start from Jeddah and will be held during the upcoming months in a number of cities across the Kingdom including Dammam and Riyadh.

Sheneamer added, “The Live Right program culminates Bupa Arabia’s efforts in promoting public health awareness, and supporting the development of Saudi Arabia’s population to achieve the best version of themselves through healthier and happier lifestyles”.

According to Sheneamer, the event will include interactive and engaging educational and training sessions. Specialists and doctors from will be available on ground to answer the questions of the attendees.

The Live Right program is based on 5 main pillars, every pillar will be a designated zone, and every zone will host various interactive, sports, health, and recreational activities in which families can participate. The first zone will be the Health Lounge, which will include services such as glucose tests, blood pressure, optical, dental, nutritionist, and general doctor.

The second zone will be dedicated to physical fitness and the third zone will aim to provide prevention awareness, by hosting health awareness sessions and educating on different types of diseases and methods of prevention.

The program is also concerned with mental well-being and mental health, which will be the main focus of the fourth zone, in addition to the weight management taking place in the fifth zone, which aims to transition to a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

Registration to attend the event is still available through this link: