Al Ain: The student, Ameera Fares, obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering from two different universities, United Arab Emirates University and KU Leuven in Belgium, for her thesis “Multistage Modified Solvay Process for CO2 Capture And Reject Brine Desalination”. Ameera is the first doctoral student to obtain this dual doctorate degree at the UAE University.

She said: “I have had the unique honor of obtaining my doctorate in Chemical Engineering from not one but two world-renowned universities under the auspices of professors from United Arab Emirates University and KU Leuven.  She added: “The opportunity to gain my dual PhD from the UAEU and KU Leuven has been a life-changing experience. I had a unique research opportunity to gain international research experience that has been an invaluable step in my research journey. I hope that it will be the start of many future students embarking on their way to earn a dual doctorate. 

She added, "This academic experience was very special, which qualified me to utilize the best research facilities in both universities and collaborate with my colleagues in order to achieve unique international experience."

Prof. Ali Al-Marzouqi (Dean of College of Graduate Studies) said: “This type of academic partnerships has a great impact in supporting the academic reputation of the university, and our partnership with the prestigious Belgian KU Leuven has created a good opportunity for our students to study and conduct joint academic research with international colleagues, and benefit from diverse international experience.”