A first-of-its-kind Skills Competition, conducted by OTE Group for its sizable contingent of Service Advisors, provided a robust validation of the superior customer service standards espoused by the group’s various automotive departments and its leasing arm VLC.

The competition, implemented in three stages over a period of four weeks, witnessed the participation of a total of 52 Service Advisors.  Their role as ‘Customer Service Champions’ – liaising between customers and the technical teams – is pivotal to OTE’s goal of sustaining and building enduring customer loyalty across its automotive brands.

During the phased competition, the contestants showed off their tried-and-tested skills as Service Advisors. The strength of their customer-centric mindset and convictions was also evaluated by a panel of stalwarts from the industry. 

From 52 Advisers who entered the contest in the preliminary round, only 17 progressed into the second round.  They were invited to attend a written test to assess their knowledge of the Six-Step Customer Care process – the essential toolkit of customer service champions.  Also as part of this stage, the shortlisted candidates were asked to role-play their responsibilities when receiving customers with their vehicles, and at the time of delivery of the vehicles. The role-plays helped evaluate their Interpersonal skills, politeness, and overall approach towards the customers.  

Only six of them made it into the third and final round where, through a series of brief role-plays, they were gauged for their aptitude, interpersonal and communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to handle a customer’s queries, concerns and even distress over unmet expectations.

Emerging triumphant from the weeks-long competition was Bahiya Said Khalfan al Wahaibi, a young Omani woman, who outperformed her peers at every stage of the stringent evaluation process. She received a splendid trophy for her efforts, along with a gift voucher.  First Runner-Up was Mohamed Abdelhady Abass Mohammed, who collected a trophy and gift voucher as well.  All six finalists also received appreciation certificates for their commendable performance.

“The results were heartening – our Service Advisers showed that they were consistently at the top of their game.  Given the fast-paced automotive service environment that they find themselves in, it’s imperative that they are suitably motivated, well-enthused and fully customer-oriented in their interactions with our valued customers,” said Mr. Dileep Kaul, Senior General Manager, OTE Group.

OTE Group is committed to ensuring that its business delivers an outstanding service at all times, with the goal to enhance the customer’s experience every time.