NBK leads the way in providing all sorts of support to people with special needs and allowing them easy access to branches

The bank is an active partner in increasing and spreading financial and banking awareness among all segments of society

As part of its constant support of “Let’s Be Aware”, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) organized a discussion on “Fraud Awareness” live on its Instagram page.

The discussion hosted Mr. Ali Al-Mulla, AGM, Head of Domestic Branches at National Bank of Kuwait, who mentioned that the bank strives to spread awareness among its customers and to familiarize them with the banking fraud techniques by communicating with them through its various channels and giving them the required tips to keep their personal and banking information protected.

Al-Mulla stressed that NBK employees will never ask customers for their personal banking details such as account, card or OTP information, and therefore, they should never share such data with anyone.

He called on customers to report immediately any suspected fraud cases they may encounter to by calling 1801801.

Al-Mulla highlighted that the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign, which is considered the largest all over the GCC region, aims to raise awareness about customers’ rights in relation to personal finance operations, whether consumer or housing loans, the mechanism for submitting complaints about banking services, as well as the different types of bank cards. It also aims to introduce to them the key precautions that should be taken for protection from fraud, and make them aware of the risk associated with “loan shark” schemes, and high-risk investments, as well as other important topics.

NBK is a key supporter and partner in all Central Bank of Kuwait’s campaigns and initiatives aiming to increase financial and banking awareness among different segments of society. As a leading financial institution in Kuwait and the whole the region, NBK frequently organizes various activities to raise awareness about all topics related to the banking sector, as well as various training courses for its employees to enhance their experience in the areas of combating fraud and financial crime, he said.

During the discussion, Al-Mulla highlighted that one of the in-focus initiatives of the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign is to familiarize customers with the services provided to people with special needs. He noted that NBK leads the way in extending all sorts of support to people with special needs by developing services and providing the necessary facilities to allow them easy access to the designated branches.

NBK provides ATMs equipped with Braille keyboards and earphones, which allow visually impaired customers to make withdrawals, he elaborated.

NBK is also the first bank to have trained employees at all branches to provide services in sign language to hearing-impaired customers. It also offers iPads with speech-to-text functionality for visually impaired customers, as well as wheelchair access to branches, and reserved, clearly marked parking spaces for special needs customers, he added.