• Bin Hussain: The campaign aims to reduce accidents and traffic violations during the run up to iftar

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) distributed dates and water at different intersections and bus stops in Kuwait before iftar time.  The campaign is a part of NBK’s annual Ramadan Program “Do Good Deeds in Ramadan”.

The campaign aimedto raise awareness at reducing accidents, speeding and committing traffic violations during the holy month of Ramadan, especially during the run up to iftar.

The initiative involved a large number of NBK volunteers who distributed small snacks for drivers to break their fasting around Iftar time, at strategic intersections and traffic lights, as well as bus stops.

Asmaa Bin Hussain, NBK Public Relations Officer, said: “NBK is proud to launch this initiative, which combines giving and sharing spirit in offering snacks to drivers to break their fasting and raising safety awareness to reduce traffic accidents, especially around Iftar time”.

“NBK is committed to adopting value-added social initiatives, especially those related to the holy month of Ramadan,” she added.

For over 30 years, NBK has carried out "Do Good Deeds in Ramadan" program, which includes many events, contributions, social welfare activities and voluntary activities. This initiative is in line with NBK’s keenness to reach out to various sectors in the society, maintaining its leading position in social responsibility.