Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities has launched a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Ethics degree program under the College of Arts and Humanities, the first academic offering of its kind in the region. It was developed in line with the university’s goal to expand its academic programs in such a way that will help spread the values of Islam and strengthen the bonds of human fraternity.

Approved by the Academic Accreditation Commission of the UAE’s Ministry of Education, the university’s latest degree program will be open to local and international students for admissions.

H.E Dr. Dr. Khaled Al Dhaheri, chancellor of the MBZUH, stressed that the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Ethics program embodies the UAE’s commitment to moral and philosophical education as well as the promotion of universal principles and values that reflect the common experiences of humanity, which are also in line with the university’s vision and goals.

Dr. Al Dhaheri added, "The bachelor's degree program is a reflection of the university’s efforts to expand its academic offers and enhance its curriculum to help students acquire competencies that will, in the process, provide significant support to the country’s economic diversification in key non-oil sectors such as education, and media, among others. It can also attract talent to Abu Dhabi and help the capital to become a major destination for capable professionals and specialists from all over the world who can provide services at the highest levels, thereby enhancing cultural diversification in the emirate and enhancing communication, community cohesion and social security while preserving the national identity.”

In establishing the Philosophy and Ethics degree program, the university is aiming to strengthen its social and philosophical sciences curriculum as part of its aspiration to be a distinguished center of academic excellence in the field of the humanities at the local and international level. It supports the university’s strategic growth aspirations to enhance its course offerings by offering new programs that will lead to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in the humanities and philosophical sciences. In addition, it hopes to produce outstanding leaders and thinkers who can support the university’s vision to spread the true values of Islam, encourage creative and critical thinking., as well as address the requirements of the UAE’s labor market. 

The study plan for the Bachelor of Philosophy and Ethics program includes 120 hours and 13 courses of the general education curriculum, in addition to courses in research and innovation, Islamic philosophy, Islamic civilization and Artificial Intelligence, among others that will provide students a comprehensive education.

Students are expected to gain knowledge and skills as well as broaden their capabilities through the study of philosophy and its history, the history of science and logic, writing and expression skills, comparative religions, Islam and the discourse of renewal, ethical doctrines, ethics of communication, contemporary intellectual issues, ethics and contemporary philosophy, international humanitarian law and theories, in addition to field trainings and a graduation project.

The program, where English and Arabic will both be used as mediums of instruction, was designed after a comprehensive review of similar programs in top universities abroad, to establish a solid program. The process for setting up the program was managed by internal and external committees and was audited by the Academic Accreditation Committee.

The Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities has specialized and qualified professionals, who have extensive experience and renowned expertise in teaching, research and community service, to implement and continuously develop this program. This interdisciplinary program combines the theoretical and practical aspects of the study and application of philosophy and ethics to enable the students to acquire a strong foundation of knowledge and skills based on academic best practices.

The program will be intertwined with the university’s other units including the Department of Tolerance and Coexistence, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, History, Languages ​​and others, to enable graduates to develop comprehensive skills that will enable them to find innovative solutions to current and future challenges.

Armed with a multidisciplinary education and training, graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Ethics program are expected to be able to practice positive and correct religious thinking as well as actively participate in contemporary cultural and religious philosophical discourse to help advance human civilization by strengthening the bonds of human fraternity and promoting Islamic values, peace and solidarity.