Sharjah: Designed to fulfill the aspirations of driven individuals who continually seek self-improvement by building their professional, personal, and future skills without breaking the bank, the Badiri E-Academy - a free learning platform of the UAE-based NAMA Women Advancement (NAMA)’s affiliate Badiri Education and Development Academy (Badiri), is introducing 13 new courses in the upcoming months - one course weekly - to its existing repertoire of free e-learning offerings, all designed to impart 21st-century skills and train successive generations for the future.

Courses to shape diversely talented & multifaceted professionals and individuals

The 13 new courses are designed to empower learners with the skills they need to excel in their professions as well as live a fulfilling life.

Professional skills

University graduates and job seekers will learn how to successfully crack their job interviews right from the get go - from crafting attractive, role-specific resumes to excelling at in-person and remotely held interviews. Those who struggle to multitask will learn how to set their priorities, reduce stress by avoiding tasks that waste time. The courses will also ease those making a transition to remote work and feel ill-equipped to handle their teams; guide executives to develop necessary skills needed to effectively manage the change in the workplace; upskill managers with the ability to give effective feedback to their teams and harness their potential to lead successfully in the fast-changing digital era; and help busy professionals keen establish a proper work-life balance.

Life skills; business and entrepreneurship skills 

Whether you are a university student seeking to learn the basics of photography or a young professional looking to boost their social media outreach with powerful images; or a gifted aspiring entrepreneur with strong ideas but lack the training and skills required to turn those into successful ventures, or even an established entrepreneur or working professional transitioning to remote work and feel ill-equipped to handle their teams these skills are now attainable with dedicated courses.

More specialised courses will help students, professionals and homemakers learn effective strategies to keep negative influences of toxic individuals at bay; boost your ability to influence others and convince them of what you want; and train you to better understand your subconscious mind and how it impacts life and success. 

All of the new courses are available in the Arabic language or as Arabic translations. Through these courses, Badiri Online Learning Platform boosts its focus on upskilling women and men across Arabic speaking nations, consolidating its position in the region as the next big provider of high quality vocational courses in Arabic language.

Fatima Al Hosani, Programme Manager, Badiri, said: “Technologies and skill sets required to excel at work and in life keep changing with time, and so should we. Learning new professional as well as life skills will expand our career choices, enable us to confidently grab new opportunities, improve our professional network and quickly adapt to the dynamic shifts in both work and life. Badiri E-Academy’s new courses are a gift from Sharjah to the world, as here we believe that the gift of knowledge is the best one to give. Also, we have focused on providing most of our content in Arabic language to specifically boost learning and upskilling opportunities for Arabic speakers in the region and around the world”.

“So, dreamers, learners, and seekers of self-improvement around the world - don’t be left behind. Excel in life and stay on top of your careers with Badiri,” she added.

The courses are open to people of all nationalities aged 18 - 45 years. All new courses are now available on the platform’s website They are also available on the Badiri app, which can be downloaded for free on both Android and Apple devices.

Originally designed to facilitate the entrepreneurial potential of women in the UAE through its educational programmes, the Badiri Education and Capacity Development Academy globalised its outreach with the launch of the Badiri Online Learning Platform in 2018.

The multi-lingual online academy has empowered 2,393 university students, entrepreneurs as well as job seekers worldwide as it aspires to become the region’s top content creation platform for all disciplines and has been forging close partnerships with educational institutions across the UAE and globally to offer quality training content to men and women all over the world to develop their professional and life skills.