KING ABDULLAH ECONOMIC CITY: In line with King Abdullah Economic City’s (KAEC) efforts to realize its projects and ambitions within the city alongside third-party investors and partners, KAEC has recently signed AlHussan Group on as The World Academy’s (TWA) dedicated school operator.

TWA is an international school in KAEC for boys and girls aged 3 – 18. The school is characterized by its broad and balanced curriculum, inspirational teaching, and outstanding facilities.

TWA opened its doors in 2006 as the city’s first K-12 school. Today, the school boasts over 500 students and over 50 teaching staff and assistants. KAEC had been in discussions with several school operators in their search for a candidate that was ideally suited to facilitating an enriching school environment for children of TWA and ensuring a better quality of teaching and learning. A thorough evaluation was conducted on all potential operators based upon key metrics that directly impacted the education of TWA’s students, such as their previous academic results, local expertise, ranking, and accreditations from renowned educational bodies. AlHussan Group was eventually selected by KAEC to take TWA forward in its constant pursuit of excellence. The appointment of AlHussan Group as TWA’s trusted operator aligns with KAEC’s enhanced strategy to leverage the expertise of third-party experts to introduce better services into the city.

AlHussan Group’s framework currently includes more than 17 schools, 12,000 students and 2,700 staff members employed in KSA. With more than 65 years of service in the field of education, the school operator offers the high standards of both the Cambridge curriculum and the U.S. diploma system, as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program across a number of its schools. AlHussan Group is currently ranked as the 5th best school operator in the Kingdom according to the Ministry of Education.

Commenting on AlHussan Group’s appointment as TWA operator, Cyril Piaia, Chief Executive Officer at King Abdullah Economic City stated: “It is with great joy that we begin our partnership with AlHussan Group, the new operator of this city’s beloved TWA. AlHussan Group undoubtedly brings a wealth of experience to the table, with their efforts to establish a network of international schools throughout Saudi Arabia dating as far back as 1957. Education is an important cornerstone of any city, and we are committed to the same educational objectives that we established when we first opened our doors. This includes creating an active learning environment, putting students first, and fostering social and emotional learning. We will keep to our promise of providing a learning environment that brings out the best in all our students, and we believe AlHussan Group are the right partners to work hand-in-hand with as we continue to empower students of TWA and our city.”

Rashid AlHussan, Chairman of AlHussan Group, commented: “What struck us the most in our initial conversations with KAEC and TWA representatives was their immense belief in this city as a home to great minds that will go on to shape both its future and that of the Kingdom. With this in mind, we could not be more excited to begin working with TWA and its distinguished staff and student body.”

This agreement is one of many that KAEC has recently inked with leading educational institutes from around the world to promote fruitful knowledge exchange, human capital development, and a desire for lifelong learning amongst its residents. In the long term, KAEC aims to integrate the very best aspects of its international partners’ diverse educational models to help the city’s students think both locally and globally.

About King Abdullah Economic City

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is an emerging destination centrally situated on the Saudi Arabian coast of the Red Sea. Located a short distance north of the commercial capital Jeddah, KAEC is a 185-square kilometer city anchored by King Abdullah Port—recently named by the World Bank as the most efficient port in the world—and KAEC Industrial Valley, which is focused on developing the Kingdom’s logistics and light manufacturing capacities. Over 100 multinational and Saudi companies have already established a home in KAEC, engaging in a diverse range of ventures from advanced logistics to activities within the automotive, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, packaging, and building materials manufacturing industries. KAEC is directly connected to the Haramain high-speed railway network and the Saudi National Highways grid, making the city a key node along the Red Sea economic corridor.

In addition to its diverse economic functionalities, KAEC offers a modern leisure and tourism district which includes over 40 kilometers of pristine coastline, several hotels and the award-winning Royal Greens international tournament golf course. In 2021, the city welcomed over 1 million visitors and has since developed a range of lifestyle residential communities for its growing population of full-time residents and second homeowners.

With its strategic location, advanced infrastructure and investor-friendly regulations, KAEC is a ready-made platform for Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiatives. The city serves as a benchmark for innovative government initiatives, has hosted a variety of national events, and is a preferred site for large-scale, strategic projects across numerous key sectors. As a prime indication of the country’s commitment to private-public partnerships and the seamless facilitation of foreign direct investment, KAEC serves as an active contributor to the national objectives embodied in Vision 2030.  By developing the tourism sector, promoting sports, entertainment, and the arts, creating new jobs, and growing non-oil exports through companies operating in its Industrial Valley, KAEC continues its mission to cultivate a prosperous city for all.

KAEC cordially welcomes third-party investors, real estate developers and operators to realize their projects and ambitions within the city in the collaborative advancement of ongoing expansion. Emaar, The Economic City (EEC) is the master developer of the city and acts as the master planner, primary infrastructure developer, enabler and facilitator of KAEC. EEC is a Tadawul-listed public joint stock Saudi company established in 2006 and is 25% owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF).