CEO of URB and the mastermind behind designs of projects such as The Sustainable City Yiti in Oman & Nexgen Sustainable City in Cairo has announced a global hunt for the next generation of sustainable design innovators in urban planning, landscape design & architecture.

Headquartered in Dubai Design District, the company is seeking the best talents in the industry to shape the future together in developing the next generation of sustainable cities. Founded on a mission to accelerate the worlds transition towards sustainable development, URB are rapidly growing in line with plans to open further offices in the MENA region this year.

Baharash Bagherian, CEO & founder of URB explains the call for attracting the best global as well as local talent. “Our innovative approach to projects are disrupting the status quo of real estate development, creating more value by enhancing the quality of lifestyle whilst being climate positive. This also requires us to rethink the way we collaborate with the best minds in the world on such projects. As such we are looking for the best innovators of various disciplines who are passionate, hungry and have the skills in helping us accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable development.”

“This call is not only to find such talent both locally and globally, but an opportunity to discover a new breed of sustainable innovators and bring together an ecosystem of industry-leading partners regardless of their geographic location. With innovation being at the heart of what we do, we are going to foster an entrepreneurial culture. As such we are looking for creative people who are skilled in various tools whilst also having a flair for designs that inspire people to live in such unique places.”

The company plans to open its second office outside of UAE before the end of this year whilst increasing its workforce in its Dubai headquarters. Application are now open and contact details are available on the company’s website

About URB
URB are a global leader in developing sustainable cities with a sense of purpose to accelerate the world’s transition towards net zero developments. The company is headquartered in Dubai Design District with several international projects currently in planning stages. For more information, please visit URB website at