Muscat: Sharing Ramadan blessings with its patrons and customers, ahli islamic has announced an irresistible Ramadan Auto Takaful offer in through its Takaful Insurance partner ‘AlMadinah Takaful Insurance’, providing a comprehensive rate of 1.4% for vehicle owners who have a claim free record during the past one year, and for vehicles up to 6 years from the date of first registration.

Effective to the 31st July 2022, this special Holy Month offer will be applicable for individual saloon cars and for 4WD private vehicle owners. It will also be extended to clients who utilize the exclusive offer to book their policy in advance during the campaign period.

Customers availing this exciting opportunity will benefit from the policy’s extended dealership repair for additional premium, and the waiving of excess amount for the first claim. Besides, the third party rate, starting from OMR 40, will be a bonus for customers seeking easy and convenient motor insurance policies.

Commenting on the significance of the scheme for vehicle enthusiasts and the bank’s growing customer base, Yousuf AlRawahi, Deputy General Manager and Head of ahli islamic, said, “The Ramadan Auto Takaful offer resonates with the sharing and caring spirit of the Holy Month. It reflects our commitment to go the extra mile to create opportunities that are in sync with the sentiments of our customers. We have structured the campaign to specifically fulfill immediate and future needs of our customers, who are constantly seeking easy and convenient avenues to insure their prized possessions.

“As has been observed over the years, the likelihood of our customers purchasing cars during Ramadan is much greater than during other times of the year. We are enhancing their purchase plans with a comprehensive insurance policy that will not only help embolden their decisions, but also assure them with the sense of security that an effective policy confers. We would like to urge vehicle owners to take advantage of this offer and enjoy the spirit of the season in the true sense of the word,” AlRawahi added.

With no excess amount for the first claim and extended dealership repair for additional premium, the offer is a cinch for both old and new vehicle owners. The limited period campaign, however, will be available only for drivers above the age of 25 and for vehicle owners who have made no claims during the past one year.