Muscat: Enhancing its pioneering role in developing the leadership skills of its employees, throughout empowering Omani youth, and supporting their career development. Eight employees of ahlibank, have recently graduated from the Etimad Leadership Development program. The employees were felicitated by the Bank’s senior management and the in-house Talent Management Committee (TMC). The ceremony was overseen by Mr. Said Abdullah Al-Hatmi, CEO of ahlibank, along with several members of the executive management and senior staff of the bank.

The new graduates from the second batch of Etimad Program symbolize the Bank’s growing focus on human capital development. Having fielded a team of eight employees in the program last year, ahlibank followed it with a new batch of talented employees to demonstrate its alignment with the national objectives for youth empowerment and Omanisation.

As a National Leadership program, Etimad aims to create qualified Omani leaders - middle and senior management - in the private sector. The Program represents a strategic collaboration between the public and private sectors in Oman, and ahlibank’s participation reaffirms its commitment to upskill Omani team members for competitive roles in the future.

On the sidelines of the felicitation ceremony, the Bank also conducted a discussion panel to exchange knowledge and expertise among the employees who enrolled into the Etimad program. The employees, occupied in leadership and supervisory positions, assured the team members that they would leverage their training to move up the career ladder and take on roles that define their professional development.

Presiding over the discussion, Mr. Said Al Hatmi, outlined ahlibank’s alliance with the government in realizing the larger objectives of Oman Vision 2040. He noted that the Bank’s undeterred focus has and will always be on achieving sustainable human resource development by raising the levels of education and enhancing the potentials of the local youth, in the regional and global employment market. Complementing the government’s efforts to build the national workforce with training and development initiatives like Etimad, he said it helped motivate private sector organizations to collectively forge the path ahead. He also thanked the Bank’s management team and TMC for their intuitive knowledge in assessing the needs of the market and responding to it with initiatives that refine employee skills and hone their talents.

Congratulating the new graduates, Ms. Hana Al Kharusi – GM Corporate Banking and –Chairperson of TMC, said, “This is a proud moment for us at ahlibank. Eight of our qualified employees have gained exposure and skills to take on more responsible jobs and excel in their respective fields. We celebrate their success in the program and encourage them on to reach for newer milestones. They are a testament of ahlibank’s quest to ensure sustainable human development; not only in the organization but further on a national level. As empowered employees, they will now share their knowledge and contribute to the progress of our Bank. We believe in all-round development of our employees and have invested in several training and development programs. We wish our team of new graduates more success in the coming days as they take on fundamental roles to enhance their personal and professional achievements.”

The discussion panel saw new graduates sharing their knowledge from the recently concluded program and the ways they would implement it in the workplace. The team assured the management cadre of their determination to support the Bank’s vision to be a vibrant and innovative centre of banking.

The Etimad program from which ahlibank employees graduated, works on preparing qualified national human resources who are capable of assuming leadership positions in key divisions in the private sector. Its primary objective is to train and empower Omanis in the private sector in different batches through specialized curriculums, designed in partnership with international and local institutions. The program consists of three main themes: leadership from within, leadership by position and leadership through change and cooperation.

ahlibank has launched several initiatives and programs over the past years, empowering the national workforce through training and skill enrichment, such as (Himam) Program. In meeting the objectives of Oman Vision 2040, which lies in building national competencies that are essential to meet market challenges.