Dubai based visual content SaaS platform,, the first AI-powered content solution tailor-made for brands across MENA, has announced accelerated growth and revenue after just 10 months of operations.

The growth is driven by demand from fast moving sectors including real estate and food aggregator delivery services across the UAE. The start-up is  consolidating demand across the region and KSA specifically, and will become the UAE’s largest photography agency by the end of 2022 for shoot volume and  MENAs only cross border tech-enabled photography agency, on track to exceed over $3 million in revenues within the same period.

 The AI-based photography platform works to provide imagery at scale for the media, real estate, advertising, retail, hospitality, automotive and eCommerce industries. With clients including Hilton Group, Hugo Boss, Accor, IHG, Tabby, Guest Ready, and Kitopi. Flashy has also helped brands including Papa Johns and Hardee’s to showcase their products for the UAE and EGY markets. 

 With over 70% of recent growth coming from the Real Estate market, Flashy is looking toward the KSA market which is expected to register a CAGR of more than 9.8% during 2022 - 2027. With the average Flashy shoot cost at USD 245 -  presenting a >$100M opportunity in the new housing sector alone, without considering the growing short term rental market. 

 The hospitality industry also contributed to the boom in revenue and shoot volume growth, with bookings via the Flashy platform for May 2022 already exceeding those of the entirety of April, representing a 500% volume growth, after closing April with a 170% upturn on March figures.

Flashy works with hundreds of photographers across every GCC country and they will open their platform to more than 1000 as growth continues throughout 2022. Top paid photographers utilising the Flashy platform have seen earnings reach upwards of AED 50,000 for their part-time contributions over the past 10 months.

 Flashy Co-Founder Aidan Christofferson says: “Flashy is proving the essential need for brands and businesses to produce vital visual content, at scale, and with a fast turnaround and the best quality - month on month growth has been the norm rather than the exception for Flashy since launch less than a year ago. Our pre-seed funding has enabled us to quickly establish the market need and our position within it. Looking ahead to our next round of funding, we are excited to be able to work with investors and partners to capitalise on the demand beyond the UAE, and especially on our burgeoning opportunities in the KSA market, with accelerated demand for quality brand content at scale, to support the real estate market in particular ”

 Flashy Co-Founder Jacopo Trinca continues “Image quality and creativity combined with a fast turnaround is key for our clients who require content at scale. Less than 7% of professional photographers that apply are admitted onto the Flashy platform, to ensure consistency and quality, and we are expanding our pool of talented providers across the Middle East to meet demand. As more brands recognise the benefits of the service, which improves their conversion metrics, we are seeing the increase in shoot volumes backed predominantly by the real estate and hospitality sectors and we look forward to working with our clients as they trust Flashy with their visual content at scale across the MENA region, and in future, beyond”

 To support growth and demand, Flashy is launching a new seed round raise of $2M, just 10  months after incorporation which will enable the platform to extend further across the GCC, alongside current clients looking to utilise Flashy across their regional portfolios.

 The Flashy platform can be found at and followed via social media channels at and


About Flashy: 

Flashy is changing the way photography works. The platform is powered by AI and offers a tech enabled 1-click book & shoot solution, with graded and edited pictures delivered within 24hrs for businesses and brands looking to create high quality visual content at scale and across locations. Streamlining the commercial photography process, Flashy is matching global brands with vetted and verified creatives across the Middle East and further. was founded in Dubai, in July 2021 by Co-Founders Aidan Christofferson and Jacopo Trinca, photography, finance and e-commerce professionals as a self-funded start-up and has raised pre-seed funding within six months of operation with a current seed raise ongoing in 2022. Since inception, Flashy has created content for brands and businesses across the UAE and KSA  including Hilton Group, Hugo Boss, Accor, IHG, Tabby, Guest Ready, and Kitopi