Riyadh: The Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA) has announced it joined the International Federation of Commercial Arbitration Institutions (IFCAI) that comprises the elite of 52 international arbitration centers from across the world.

IFCAI is a prestigious international congregation that was established in 1985 and houses the elite of international arbitration centers to offer alternative services for dispute settlement, as (SCCA) is considered at the forefront of Arab arbitration centers as members of this federation with not more than 8 Arab centers out of its total centers of 52.

IFCAI is concerned with establishing and consolidating relations among industrial institutions, exchanging of know-how and expertise regarding the best international standards and practices concerned with arbitration and mediation, and promoting the latest services offered by member centers in the federation.

SCCA joined IFCAI based on its mandated role as Saudi Arabia’s representative in international arbitration, and in its capacity as the national beacon for the ADR industry.

SCCA membership in IFCAI will ensure harmonization with the highest standards and latest practices in the industry, and it will highlight to the world the progress achieved in Saudi Arabia toward establishing firm foundations for the ADR industry and promote the country as a safe arbitration seat and an attractive destination for international commercial arbitration cases.