Uganda's tariff for large industrial users is among the lowest in East Africa, the Energy Regulators Association of East Africa (EREA) said.

The country's rate for a large industrial user is 9.77 US cents per kilowatt hour (355.6 Kenyan shillings) per unit, which is lower compared with many of Uganda's peers in the region, such as Rwanda (10.2 US ¢/kWh), Burundi (12.4 US ¢/kWh) and Kenya (13.78 US ¢/kWh). Zanzibar's tariff, however, stands at 9.0 US ¢/kWh.

Medium industrial consumers in Uganda pay 12.09 US ¢/kWh, which is lower compared to Burundi (18.2) and Kenya (14.96) but slightly higher compared to Rwanda (11.2).

Although the reliability of electricity supply is a key to socio-economic transformation, it still remains a challenge in African countries. Uganda continues to bear several hours of outage.

Uganda's state-owned Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) and United Nations Development Program(UNDP) are implementing a pilot project called "Charcoal to Power", according to Stellah Nakibuuka, Communications Officer at ERA.

In the report, she noted that the project aims at encouraging Ugandans to cook using electricity in homes, schools, hospitals and hotels, as well as in other activities that involve the use of firewood.

The project will be successful only with a reliable electricity supply, which the ERA is committed to achieving, she stated.

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