Feb 18 2012

Endorsement of final Iraqi budget financial statements refused

BAGHDAD: The head of the Financial Auditing Divan today rejected to endorse and authenticate the final Iraqi budget's financial statements for the previous years, informed parliamentary sources reported today.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the head of the Divan, Abdulbasit Turky, who was hosted today in the Iraqi Parliament, refused to endorse the final financial statements of the previous years.

He added that Turky demanded that the parliament, the ministries, provincial councils and the three presidencies provide the final statements of the previous years' accounts.

The parliament decided to host the finance minister and a number of officials to investigate the present year's budget, following the conclusion of the parliamentary discussions on it.

The Iraqi government submitted its budget to the parliament after decreasing it to 115 trillion Iraqi dinars, with a reasonable deficit.

The 2012 budget was submitted with an amount of 131 trillion Iraqi dinars (112 billion dollars) as a federal budget, with an increase of 36 percent in comparison to the previous year, and a deficit of 20 billion dollars.

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