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Revoking its name change, Sitco is all set to reinvent itself as the pioneer in office automation, large format printing and bureau services in Oman.

February 2012
They say a rose would never sound that sweet with any other name. When a name evolves into a brand, it gets imprinted in the mind along with the entire legacy it represents. Therefore, it will be difficult for values and standards which have grown and became established along with a particular name to coexist with a new name.

That is why Sitco, one of the pioneers in office automation, large format printing and bureau services in Oman, decided to revoke its name change to Graphic International Centre for a short stint and rechristen itself as Sitco. "The name Sitco evokes nostalgia as we have been enjoying unblemished reputation and goodwill in the market for three decades," says V Jayaprakash, managing director, Sitco. "It is a brand we strongly embedded in the minds of the people in Oman as we were one of the pioneers in office automation and bureau services segment in the Sultanate. There was a strong demand from our customers to go back to Sitco. They used to call us Sitco even when we switched over to Graphic International Centre for a few years."

Sitco is now reinventing its market ethos more confidently as an independent organisation. It has a full-fledged branch in Salalah and is also operating from Sohar. Established in 1983 as an office automation company, Sitco has come of age as the leading distributor of multi-function printers (MFPs), copiers, scanners, laminators, binders, shredders, card printers, projectors, and AV solutions. It represents in Oman world's leading equipment brands such as Rex Rotary (Photocopiers, printers and MFPs), Optoma (projectors), Fellowes (shredders, laminators and binding machines), Evolis (ID card printers), Neolt (Paper cutters) and Olympia (shredders). Sitco is the sole distributor of Domino, world's leading coding and printing solutions provider. It is also the regional distributor of Sericol, the popular ink brand used in screen, narrow web and digital printing applications.

As a distributor of world-known brands, Sitco supports a number of ministries, corporates and various crucial infrastructure and development projects in the country . "We supply a number of educational products to the Ministry of Education. We win big tenders from the ministry because of its confidence in our product line, the brand we support and the services we provide," says Vinil Praksh, product manager, Sitco. "The last 30 years of our operation in the Sultanate bear testimony to the quality of our products and the efficiency of our services. Our tag line 'beyond businesses' reflects how diligently and devotedly we support our customers. We are there ready to serve them on a 24/7 basis."

Jayaprakash succinctly sums up this, "Right products, right solution, at the right time." Apart from various ministries and petroleum companies including PDO, Sitco supports almost all contractors of the new airport project, Omran's exhibition Centre and other local contractors and visiting consultants. "What kept us abreast of the market is that the business managers of our principals visit us every quarter and they meet our major clients constantly. It helps us build confidence in them and make them feel that their requirements are adhered to," says Haridasan Nair, operations manager.

Jayaprakash says as a distributor of the latest educational products to the Ministry of Education, Sitco feels proud to be partners in the social development of the country. It is also part of a social mission to keep the youth and the students abreast of the latest technology and contribute to the development of Oman's human resources and technological prowess.

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