Sep 06 2011

Iran: 260,000 Housing Units Under Construction

Agreements on the construction of 260,000 residential units in the framework of Mehr Housing Scheme have been signed with mass builders, said deputy road and urban construction minister.

In an interview with IRNA, Ahmad Asghari Mehrabadi expressed satisfaction over the progress of the projects.

He noted that construction of about 430,000 Mehr housing units is expected to be completed by the end of the current Iranian year (in March 2012).

Construction of housing units by the owners is the ministry's main policy for next year, he said adding the number of residential units built by the owners till date exceeded 300,000.

"The government is to provide the owners with adequate support," he said. The official underlined that in the past 18 months, about 150,000 housing units have been constructed in the cities with the population of over 25,000.

He noted that separate figures are also available for residential units that are built in cities with population of less than 25,000, worn-out textures of urban areas and new cities.

Mehrabadi stated that 1.030 million housing units are projected to be built in the cities with the population of more than 25,000 which shows an increase of 60,000 units compared to the figure set earlier.

He said that 19,000 hectares of land have so far been made available for implementing Mehr housing projects.

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