Shalabi denies his dismissal from Accountability and Justice by Maliki

08 June 2011
Baghdad - Member of Parliament Ahmad Shalabi denied his dismissal as president of the Justice and Accountability Commission (JAC).

When Shalabi won a seat in the Iraqi parliament, he had entrusted the management of the JAC to Executive Director Ali al-Lami who was assassinated two weeks ago.

Now Shalabi technically has a second job besides his duty MP, which would be against the constitution.

"Shalabi did not get any monthly salary for his management of the JAC", a spokesman for Shalabi said. He added that Shalabi is only managing JAC until a new executive director is elected.

According to JAC secretary Muzaffar al-Battat, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had ordered the dismissal of Shalabi. He said Maliki appointed the Minister for Human Rights, Mohammad Shayya.

Shayya would also have two jobs, which is evidence that other reasons are behind Malikis decision.

On Saturday, Maliki ordered the Iraqi coast guard to stop a boat that was carrying aid to protesters in Bahrain. 80 well-known Iraqi figures, including journalists, doctors and activists were also on board the controversial vessel, which was organized by Shalabi.

Another dispute between Maliki and Shalabi was about the appointment of the director of the Commercial Bank that was founded by Shalabi in 2003. Maliki appointed Hamdiya al-Jaff instead of Hussein al-Azri, Shalabi's nephew. Azri was accused of corruption and escaped to Lebanon.

The JAC is responsible to make sure that no Iraqis with ties to the former regime get government jobs.

The de-Baathification of Iraq was relaxed in 2008 with the passing of the law of "accountability and justice". This allowed people who had been among the lower ranks of the party to once again take office.

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