Iraq expected to put Barzani's initiatives into practice soon

09 April 2011
Baghdad - The Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC) said Saturday that the leaders of the political blocs will meet soon to resolve the file of security ministries and activate the initiative of Kurdistan Region's President Massoud Barzani.
MP Shwan Taha Mohammed told AKnews that the political blocs must resolve on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (the date for convening the parliamentary meetings) the issue of the security ministries.
The Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who is running the security ministries, postponed submitting the candidates for these ministries for more than once to the parliament, due to the disputes between the political blocs and even within the same bloc about the nominated names.
Al-Maliki submitted formally about 10 days ago the candidates Ibrahim al-Lami for the Interior Ministry post and Khaled al-Obeidi for the Defence ministry, but these names faced many rejections thus prompting al-Obeidi to withdraw his nomination due to the rejection of Iraqiya and the inclusion of al-Lami within the de-Baathification procedures.
"If no agreement was reached about the security portfolios, then the leaders of the political blocs will meet next week to resolve this file, in addition to activating Barzani's agreement."
"Barzani stresses on the need to resolve the issue of the security ministries and activate his convention that led to the formation of the government and end the political crisis that lasted for more than eight months."
About the possibility of Barzani's attendance to Baghdad to participate in the meeting of leaders of political blocs, Taha assured that "the issue doen't depend on Barzani's presence or not. There are representatives for Barzani in Baghdad, in addition to a Kurdish negotiating delegation headed by Roze Nouri Shawis who represents Barzani during the meetings."

The Kurdistan Region's President Massoud Barzani presented last October a political initiative to help the winning blocs to reach agreements about the sharing of the three presidencies in the Iraqi state.
According to the agreement signed by the leaders of political blocs, Nouri al-Maliki renewed his mandate as prime minister and Jalal Talabani as President of the Republic, while Osama Nujaifi held the Presidency of the parliament and Ayad Allawi the presidency of the National Council for Strategic Policies.

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