Oct 26 2010

Iran Ranks 3rd Among Newly-Emerged Economies

Latest reports indicated that Iran has ranked third among world's newly-emerged economic powers, an official with the Ministry of Mines and Industries said on Sunday.

According to a report recently published by the World Fact Book, Iran stood at the third place in 2009 after China and India among world's newly-emerged economic powers, Industries Deputy Minister of Mines and for Planning, Development and Technology Affairs Mohsen Hatam told reporters.

Hatam further quoted the report as saying that Iran has also ranked 29th for the growth rate of its industrial products in the said period, IRNA reported.

The official added that ranks of the under-developed countries should not be taken seriously in the report as they had a little share in industrial activities.

"What is important is Iran's position among industrial states such as members of the G-20," Hatam stressed.

He said that in 2006, Iran stood at the 13th place among the G-20 countries while in 2009 it managed to lift its position and reached the third place.

Hatam referred to Iran's new stance as a breakthrough for the Iranian nation and a sign of an increasing growth in the country's industrial field.

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