May 13 2010

DM Building Department issues circular on forms for self-checking to submit for building permits for villas

The Buildings Department of Dubai Municipality issued a circular to all building consultancy offices operating in the emirate of Dubai regarding the forms for self-verification of the villas.

Eng. Khalid Mohammed Saleh, Director of Buildings Department said that the circular came as part of the efforts of Dubai Municipality to develop procedures for building permits in full partnership from all those are involved in the licensing process, by identifying the tasks and responsibilities and standards that are clear and precise for all bodies, and activate the self-performance as they can submit and complete in accordance with best international standards.

He added that the circular is aimed to give more powers to the consulting firms as the Buildings Department has prepared a list of conditions and basic observations which must be fulfilled in the transactions regarding the villas when applying for building permits such as verification forms that include the architectural, structural, thermal insulation, and sewage features.

Saleh said the Circular No. 179 regarding forms for self-verification for the villas, is addressed to all consulting offices operating in the emirate of Dubai.

"It asks all engineers and designers assigned for the villa projects to abide by the features mentioned, and do their own review of the plans submitted for building permits before submission to the Municipality and comply with the conditions stated in the forms," he said.

Saleh noted that these forms are aimed at the popularizing of laws and regulations through the application of a direct process, and activating the role of consulting offices in the process of facilitating and simplifying licensing procedures and reduce the time necessary to complete transactions through the powers granted to them, and raise the quality of work through the direct verification by the engineer and designer and take up responsibility for the verification process. An electronic copy of the forms cab be taken from the website of the Buildings Department of on the Internet is www.dubaibuildings.dm.ae. It can also be obtained from the information counter in the Customer Service Center and more details can be obtained from the Buildings Department counter or over the phone on 042064076.


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