Mar 30 2010

Rehab Lootah, receives "Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Award 2010"

Rehab Lootah, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Products and Corporate Communications, Mawarid Finance, while receiving the Award.
Rehab Lootah, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Products and Corporate Communications, Mawarid Finance, while receiving the Award.

Ms. Rehab Lootah, Vice President, Business Development, Products and Corporate Communication at Mawarid Finance PJSC have been awarded the The Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Award 2010, category of "the Women Leaders" for 2010 which was organized by Virtual Executive Club at Hamdan Bin Mohammad e-University. Rehab received the award in the prestigious Virtual Executive Club annual event which took place at the "Address Hotel - Dubai Mall" on Tuesday March 23rd, 2010.

Commenting about the Award she stated that "It is a great honor and a blessing for me to hold this incomparable Feigenbaum leadership excellence award. Accomplishments in our lives will not come easily. It needs lots of sacrifices, commitments and discipline, while I'm humbly proud of this tremendous recognition in my journey; I believe this will be a great encouragement for all other women to reach for their maximum potential".

Mr. Mohamed Al Nuaimi, CEO Mawarid Finance who expressed his pleasure for the news said "Rehab's has been recognized for being a successful leader who works in an innovative, knowledgeable and systematic manner, we are proud that Rehab being awarded this prestigious recognition since she is well known for her outstanding contribution towards the development of her community and country".

Rehab diverse specializations have positioned her in various government executive levels while being in the forefront for national and international economic and societal initiatives. Dubbed by local media as the eWoman of the gulf, going on the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Rehab took Dubai Government Services in to a new level introducing various services under the eGovernment's framework. Rising from eServices provisioning officer to acting director at Dubai eGovernment within 4 years, she made a remarkable history in her personal as well as professional life by contributing towards UAE's development substantially.

Rehab is the Chief Executive Officer for Mawarid's youth and educational development initiative of Tamaiaz & Fallak Tayyeb award. She currently holds more than 10 active local and foreign memberships in executive capacity.

Rehab has a history of accomplishments and recognitions for her unwavering determination. She is the world's first women recipient of much coveted CIMA certificate in Islamic Finance. Her decade long contribution for UAE's IT education was also recognized under UAE President H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Award.


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