VIVA, the new telecom company in Bahrain

STC Reveals its Bahraini Identity

24 January 2010

Manama, Bahrain: STC Group, the leading Telecommunications Company in the Middle East which has been able to attain the third license for mobile operators in the Kingdom of Bahrain earlier last year have announced that the new telecommunications company will be named VIVA.

The excitement has been building in the past few months to know the name that STC will use in Bahrain, as the company carries many hopes to elevate the services in telecommunications to a new level in the kingdom as it did in other regions. VIVA carries these hopes with a clear voice and a solid well to bring its global experience and triumphs here in the Kingdom.

The Head of the Bahrain project, Mr. Ibrahim bin Abdulrahman Al-Omar was pleased to announce the new name that will lead towards the final stages of operations as it sets its eyes towards launching its operations soon and commented by saying, "VIVA is an internationally recognised word symbolizing many positive meanings. This is a true reflection of what VIVA the company is all about as well".

The company which have already started to pump large investments in hundreds of millions of Dinars in order to develop the telecommunications infrastructure and pushing forward the Bahraini markets through the various services that will be provided by the new company's services, whether voice, data transfer or high-speed Internet is using the VIVA name for the second time after their major success in launching VIVA Kuwait in 2008, also the third mobile operator there.

The introduction of VIVA to the Bahraini community will make its positive mark on everyone on the Kingdom as it will revitalize large investments and actively promote its products & services through bringing the most up to date technologies and highest level of services along with a superior customer experience to everyone. 
"VIVA represents a love for life which is translated into a celebration of individuality and a positive community by being an energetic and motivational force in Bahrain. VIVA is about "Vivaciousness", verve, charisma, cheers and most of all enhancing each individual's character, allowing them to stand out but fit in. VIVA inspires passion, excitement & celebration of self & others" Mr Al Omar added


VIVA Telecoms - Bahrain:
In March 2009, STC Group (Saudi Telecom Company) was able to attain the 3rd Mobile Operation license in the Kingdom of Bahrain. VIVA comes from a group that is considered to be the leading telecommunications company in the MENA region with more than 93 million subscribers to its services worldwide through 9 countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Turkey, South Africa, Lebanon and Jordan in addition to its presence in the Saudi market, offering the most innovative services in the industry and promises to begin operations on the Kingdom of Bahrain's most advanced telecommunications network services. The group is also a pioneer in the financial markets having acquired class (A+) classification from Standard and Poor's Agency and class (A1) Credit rating from Moody's Investor Service Agency for Credit Services. These advancements have taken the company to the top ranking position of the "Global 100" charts as the number one communications company in the Middle East while ranking at number 25 globally.

VIVA brings a fresh approach in Bahrain towards customers, keeping them engaged and informed while undertaking a strategic commitment towards the community it operates in with award winning CSR programs & advanced transparent processes.

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