China-made BYD cars to hit roads in Qatar

21 October 2009
DOHA: Automobiles from BYD Auto, one of the foremost Chinese automobile companies, will hit the roads of Qatar with its launch in Qatar yesterday.

Taj Qatar Automobiles, the exclusive dealers of BYD in Qatar, have opened a showroom on Salwa Road, making the leading Chinese cars available here.

"This is a new brand for Qatar though it is one of the famous companies in the world," said Samer Zahra, Sales Manager of BYD Auto in Qatar. "It is the second leading company in terms of car supply. BYD is one of the most sold cars in the Gulf region. It's only that Qatar is late in bringing these cars here."

With the elegant appearance, BYD cars come close to some of the top brands. "Our customers in the region are satisfied and we are sure this will be same with Qatar. The elegant shapes and the luxurious interiors will make them a hit here. The safety features are also at par with any others available. Added to this, BYD car engines will not switch on if the doors or trunk are not closed properly. Hence it is good for the youngsters here."

One of the most attractive features of the car is their reasonable price. The company offers two years warrantee. The cars are up to GCC standards.

"After the sales, our services will be excellent. For any car coming newly into market, spare part availability is an issue. We already have a stock of all the spare parts. Apart from this, the services we provide will be up to the expectation and we will follow-up with them to ensure their satisfaction," he told The Peninsula.

"Though we warrantee only two years, I am sure it will last much longer. As the cars are made to run over the rough terrains in China, we are sure that in Qatar, these cars will run much longer and stay in smooth condition."

The Taj group has already imported 100 cars. Another 1200 cars will arrive with in one month. Apart from BYD, three other Chinese automobile brands will also be arriving.

"We are the agency for four Chinese top brands. Our target is mainly the service companies like taxi, limousine, rent-a-cars," he said.

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