Islamic BankCard Research Project Launch

24 June 2009
Cambridge, UK and Dubai, UAE - June 24, 2009-Maris Strategies a research and advisory think-tank for financial institutions announces the launch of the Islamic BankCard Research project. A unique 90-day rapid research process to build a co-operative group of researchers, industry experts, academics, government agencies and Shariah-compliant financial institutions to provide Islamic financial institutions with new insight in how bankcards can and will play a significant role in their overall product portfolio. Developing an understanding of the current competitive climate, consumer attitudes toward Shariah-compliant bank cards and what Shariah scholars are saying about bank cards are a few of the topical areas to be covered by this project.

Questions to be considered:

How are Islamic bank cards being offered to different demographic groups in various countries?  
What types of Shariah-compliant bank cards are working and why?  
How are Muslim customers using bank cards to facilitate their lifestyles? 
What cultural differences exist across the Ummah?  
What are Shariah scholars saying about bank cards? 
What do Muslim and non-Muslim customers think about Islamic bank cards? 
What brands are most recognizable by customers looking for bank cards? 
What is next for Muslim bank cards?

Joe DiVanna a well-known expert in financial services and Shariah-compliant banking said, "This project is designed to give Shariah-compliant institutions the market intelligence they need to accurately develop their portfolio of products to facilitate the changing lifestyles of Muslims in multination markets. The Islamic finance market needs more product-depth but simply building new products without knowing what will resonate with customers reduces the profitability and waste valuable resources."

For the compete prospectus on this project simply email the project director Joseph DiVanna at: or call +44 (0)1223.704670
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Editor's Notes
Books by Joe DiVanna
Published by Palgrave-Macmillan
- Redefining Financial Services: The New Renaissance in Value Propositions (reprinted, 2007)
- Thinking beyond Technology: Creating New Value in Business
- Synconomy: Adding Value in a World of Continuously Connected Business
- The Future of Retail Banking: Delivering Value to Global Customers (reprinted, 2007)
- Strategic Thinking in Tactical Times (editor and contributor)
- People - The New Asset on the Balance Sheet (editor and contributor)

Published by Leonardo and Francis Press
- Understanding Islamic Banking: The Value Proposition that Transcends Cultures (reprinted, 2007 and 2008)
- A New Financial Dawn: The Rise of Islamic Banking (forthcoming, 2009)

Published by Lyons Press
- The Merchants of Fear: why they want us to be afraid

Published by The Financial Times
- How to Run a Bank (editor and contributor)

For more information, please contact:
Joseph DiVanna
Managing Director
Maris Strategies Limited
Suite 41, 23 King Street
Cambridge, CB1 1AH, United Kingdom
Ph +44 1223 704 670
Fax +44 1223 693 426

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