Jan 20 2009

UNB announces the winner of the Al Awwal Certificates quarterly draw UAE National Wins AED 500,000 /-

UNB announces the winner of the Al Awwal Certificates quarterly draw UAE National Wins AED 500,000 /-
Union National Bank (UNB) , one of UAE's leading banks, has unveiled the winner of the Al Awwal quarterly draw held on 31st Dec,08. Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Rabah, a UAE national, was the lucky winner of AED 500,000/- and was recently felicitated by the Branch manager at a ceremony at the UNB branch in Al Yaher (Al Ain).

"Winning this money is a great blessing from God. I was so happy to receive this prize especially at this time as it will help me finalize the construction of my new house." Rabah commented

"I am planning to invest in Al Awwal saving scheme again hopping to win even more next time. I would also like to advise all my friends to invest in Al Awwal saving certificates as it is a very convenient scheme for both saving and winning". Added Rabah

"We would like to congratulate Mr. Rabah on winning AED 500,000 with Al Awwal certificates. Al Awwal saving scheme continues to attract customers and it has proved to be one of the most rewarding saving schemes. Al Awwal saving certificate offers customers a bonanza of prizes through monthly & quarterly draws, in addition to the frequent Scratch & Win promotions, in which the customer could win instant prizes and mega draw prizes. "commented Essam Zahran AL Ain Area Manager UNB

Al Awwal customers also get a free credit card with a credit limit of up to 95% of the investment in Al Awwal and with an overdraft facility of 80% of the face value of the certificate.

UNB also has the Al Awwal multiplier scheme which multiplies the client's chances to win.

Al Awwal certificates were launched by UNB as a tool to help customers increase their savings while simultaneously giving them an opportunity to win valuable prizes. Available in denominations of AED 100, 200, and 500, the certificates give participants a chance to win from regular monthly and quarterly draws.

For more information, please visit www.unb.ae


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