Oct 08 2007

Binzagr Lever Announces Name Change to Binzagr Unilever as Expansion in Saudi Arabia Continues

Jeddah- 08 October 2007: Unilever Arabia today announced the change of name of its local subsidiary in Saudi Arabia from Binzagr Lever to Binzagr Unilever. The announcement comes as Unilever Arabia continues to strengthen its competitiveness in the region following the completion of expansion plans that saw a 25% increase in production since last year driven by investment in new lines and equipment

Binzagr Lever Factory, a joint venture between Unilever Overseas Holdings AG and the Binzagr group, was established in 1978 to locally produce global Unilever Home and Personal care brands for Saudi Arabia. Currently, the factory has 170 permanent employees and close to a fifty percent Saudi workforce, many of whom have been trained to lead in senior management positions. The factory manufactures global brands including Lux, Sun Silk, Dove, Jif, Closeup, Signal, Lux Progress, Comfort, Lifebuoy across five categories of hair, fabric conditioners, home care, personal wash and oral care. In addition to servicing Saudi Arabia, the factory now exports to ten countries including Yemen, Sudan, Tunis, and Morocco.

Jan Zijderveld, Chairman of Unilever North Africa and Middle East explains, " Our strong partnership with the Binzagr group through out three decades of operation in Saudi Arabia show Unilever's strong heritage and roots in the Kingdom. The alignment of the corporate name will provide us an opportunity to harness Unilever's global scale and size for the benefit of the Arabian domestic and export markets. It would also assist in attracting and retaining talent both locally and internationally."

Unilever Binzagr factory is ISO 9001/14001 certified in 2002 - OHSAS 18001 in 03, the first company to achieve this certificate in Saudi Arabia

Unilever Binzagr received the TPM Excellency Award in 2002, the TPM Consistency Award in 2004.


About Unilever
Unilever is one of the world's leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods with strong local roots in 150 countries across the globe. Its portfolio includes some of the world's best known and most loved brands including Lipton, Dove, Lux, Sunsilk, Knorr, Omo, with leadership positions in many categories in which the company operates, including in the Middle East. Unilever North Africa and Middle East (NAME) is the region's single largest TV advertiser with local offices and partnerships spread across the 20 countries in the region.

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