May 17 2013

UAE ministry bans sale of herbal supplement and stimulant

By Majorie van Leijen UAE ministry bans sale of herbal supplement and stimulant

Two herbal products, Bulletproof and Vicerex, proven to pose possible health risks are withdrawn from the UAE market
The UAE's Ministry of Health has issued a statement warning of the risks involved with the consumption of the herbal products Bulletproof and Vicerex and has ordered withdrawal of the products from the market.

The products are known as herbal preparations functioning respectively as a food supplement and stimulant for men, and appear on several websites in the UAE.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, both products contain 'fadalil', a chemical that may cause a sharp drop in blood pressure to a dangerous level, and could pose a significant threat to people with heart disease, diabetes or obesity and those taking medications containing nitrates.

"We would like to draw your attention to the warning issued by the US Food and Drug Administration not to use the products mentioned above, which are used as a food supplement and stimulants for men, because it is proven they contain the non-declared chemical'tadalafil'," reads the statement.

The statement points out that that the products are not registered with the Registration and Management of Drug Control.

It requires the necessary action to withdraw the products from the market, addressing the Ministry of Water and Environment, Abu Dhabi

Food Control Authority and Dubai Municipality's Public Health Department.

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