Feb 01 2013

The 2nd Int'l Conference On Learning Difficulties and Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder: Assessment & Intervention

With unprecedented attendance of specialists and to be held over two days
Is launched on Feb 1st at the American University of Kuwait
Al-Sayer; "We aim at spreading the awareness and academic guidance to deal with learning difficulties cases"

The 2nd Int'l conference on Learning Difficulties and Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder: Assessment & Intervention was launched today at the American University of Kuwait in presence of an elite attendance amongst specialists from Kuwait and abroad in addition to huge participation amongst parents and the academic sector of Kuwait.

The conference is organized by the Kuwait Association For Learning Difficulties (KALD) in association with Fawzia Al Sultan corporation (FAWSAC) and Middle East Psychiatric Association (MEPA) over two days in 1 &2 of Feb.

Amal Al Sayer, Chairperson of KALD/ President of the conference introduced the conference and said: "We accord a big importance on this conference to spread the awareness and guidance on how to deal with learning difficulties cases. The conference is attended by around 64 specialists from Kuwait and abroad who will share their experiences and shed lights on the latest development in this field what would play a major role in re-enforcing the awareness and guiding both parents and academic specialists". She added: "driven by its commitment to create the awareness about such a vital social matter, KALD has taken the initiative to organize the second int'l conference based on the success of the first version in 2011 and we trust that it will make a big difference in the approach of how to deal with learning difficulty persons what would enable them to get integrated easily in the community". The conference aims at achieving three objectives as following:

1- Provide the parents with information the need to better understand their kids demands and deal with them

2- Update the academic specialists on the latest developments in learning difficulties field

3- Develop the skills of psychiatrics and professional working in the evaluation sector,

This conference is a great example on our believe In the importance of coordination with different associations and the governmental entities since we are unified by the same objective marked with humanity and volunteering initiative which is addressed to serve those with educational handicap in particular the learning difficulties "

From his end, Mr. Hansen said: "we are pleased to cooperate with KALD for the second consecutive year through the UN development program. The first conference in 2011 has generated an amazing outcome which have helped greatly in educating the community about learning difficulties. We are happy to see a tremendous number of participants for this year's conference joining from all around the world which is a proof on the efficiency of this sort of strategic conferences".

Dr Houda Shaaban, Educational Consultant/ Head of Growth and Advancement Department said about the conference topics: " the first topic is dedicated to psychiatrics and social professionals and pediatrics. It shed lights on the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of learning difficulties and hyperactivity in line with the educational and ethical criteria which rules the evaluation's procedure. The second topic addresses professors and parents and those interested in this field amongst universities' student, and students with learning difficulties in addition to the people who have drafted the rules and decision makers. It emphasizes on the educational system, teaching strategies and academic therapeutically interferences.

The conference hosts 64 int'l specialist international and regional and local who represent many leading universities as the Medical Harvard, San Diego University, Lesly University, Cairo University, Tanta University from Egypt, King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia and Mostganem University and Betana in Algeria that is in addition to the Gulf University in Bahran and the Lebanese International University

KALD organizes the conference in collaboration with Fawzia Sultan Educational Company (FAWSEC) and the Middle East Psychological Association (MEPA), presents. This upcoming version of the conference comes as a result of the success the first version has achieved in 2011 which had achieved great participation from within Kuwait and abroad.

The conference aims to provide current information and research on the following topics:

- The importance of diagnosis and physiological-educational evaluation in defining the interventions, both therapeutic and educational that would enable students with learning difficulties to achieve academic success and a better quality of life.

- The importance of cultural and ethical criteria in the evaluation process in addition to the current protocols and the implementation of the best therapeutic practices.

- The importance of public education, specifically parents, through providing information and strategies to better understand the needs of LD children at home, at school, and socially.

This second conference gathers an elite group of 67 professionals, experts and lecturers from Kuwait and the MENA region as well as India, USA and United Kingdom who will provide lectures, workshops, and symposia around three strands: Parents, teachers and specialists where each strand is divided into several topics intended to cover the vital issues related to the conference theme.

Psychological centers and educational organizations will be given the chance to provide information to the attendees about their services through an exhibition that will be held in the public hall in conjunction with the conference under the patronage of Dr. Jasem Al Tamar.


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