Dec 13 2012

Saudi private jet firm to help newlyweds to smooth take-off

It's always difficult to know what to get a couple for their wedding present - but a regional private jet firm has come up with an option it hopes you might consider.

Saudi Arabia-based NasJet has created the 'Honeymoon JetCard' - a pre-paid hourly card that allows honeymooners to travel in one of their jets to the destination of their choice.

"The family buy it for the honeymooners and provide them with a nice arrangement where they can fly a certain number of hours to whatever destination they select," NasJet CEO Ghassan Hamdan told 7DAYS at private aviation showcase MEBA 2012 on Wednesday.

Aircraft more used to carrying businessmen to meetings will be made suitably romantic, with special menus and attentive cabin crew, Hamdan said. He's optimistic it will be a success.

"The younger generation here is growing and they want something different," he said. And the cost? Well, it depends on the aircraft and flight time, Hamdan said, but about $11,000 an hour should cover it ...

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