13 January, 2014

Revolution in LMS Industry

13 January 2014
Easyclass takes all the features of an LMS (like courses, assignments, quizzes, grading, calendars) and puts them into a safe, collaborative platform. Easyclass is a new kind of learning environment that goes beyond the learning management system (LMS) as it allows teachers and students to connect, communicate, collaborate and share, all in a private, secure environment.

Launched in September 2013, Easyclass gives educational institutions an alternative to the ubiquitous (but much criticized) software of LMS giants like Blackboard and Moodle. Rather than forcing schools and universities to spend one year integrating and learning how to use inflexible and bloated learning management software, Easyclass offers a cloud-native system that is accessible to all educators and students instantly across the globe - for free.

The appeal of for educators is that they're able to sign up for the website in less than a minute and can easily invite their students to the digital classes they create using a unique course code generated automatically by the system. Therein, teachers can use the service to share assignments, materials, projects, notifications and more, and distribute things like quizzes, or inform students of tasks and events.

One of the features that makes Easyclass more "student friendly" is that it is similar to Facebook in that it has a stream-based environment. Students and teachers can communicate through conversations on a wall environment. This is one of the reasons why Easyclass has become very popular in K12 education whereas the traditional LMS giants were not able to penetrate successfully below the higher education market. is a free virtual learning environment for teachers, students and schools, providing a way to connect and collaborate, share content, access assignments, tests and grades, and much more. Easyclass democratizes education among the learning community by giving FREE access to the platform.

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